Tray & Basket Accessories

Tray & Basket Accessories
  • Rhino Stow It Roller Adaptor - 2 pack

    The STOW IT Roller Adapter provides roller installation flexibility to anywhere on the perimeter of the Pioneer platform or Rhino-Rack crossbars. The Roller Adaptor is used in conjunction with the STOW IT starter kit  where it simply slides into the STOW iT Starter Kit base bracket wherever it is mounted.


    • Slides in and out of the STOW iT base bracket for flexible mounting options
    • Base bracket can be fixed directly to Pioneer platforms, Reconn-Deck bars and Vortex bars
    • Built tough for the harshest outback terrains
    • Contents Included: Pair of Roller Adapters, hardware & Torx driver bit
    • To be used with STOW iT Starter Kit base bracket (SSIT)

    Note: To complete the installation a roller will need to be purchased from the Rhino-Rack LR range. Rollers come in lengths of 470mm, 615mm, and 680mm.

     Rhino Vortex - Compatible
     Rhino Pioneer Platform - Compatible
     Rhino Pioneer Tray - Compatible
     Rhino Pioneer Tradie - Compatible
  • The MUBK is a fitting kit designed to allow owners who have a set of Rhino Euro crossbars to mount the full range of Rhino Mesh Baskets and Mesh Platforms to their vehicle. This product makes the transition between Rhino-Rack accessories and gear carrying systems even simpler.

  • Rhino U-bolt Kit (Suit Rb, Rmb)

    Features:The U Bolt Kit is recommended for use when mounting a Rhino-Rack Mesh Basket, Mesh Platform or a Luggage Box/Ski Box to the Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty Bar. Sold as a set of 4 square U Bolts, they will assist you mounting these adventure accessories securely to your Heavy Duty bar.

  • Rhino Sportz/Rola U-bolt Kit


    When mounting a mesh basket, mesh platform rack or roof box to a Rhino Sportz or Aero bar, we recommend an S280. This is a set of 4 rounded u bolts to suit the Sportz bar, measuring 65mm x 100mm. They come with black powder coated plates and 8 wing nuts and washers to secure the plates down.

  • The BP4 is a fitting kit designed to allow owners who have a set of Rhino Heavy Duty crossbars to mount a number of larger steel mesh baskets including: Rhino Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large Mesh Baskets.


    • Attach certain Mesh Baskets to your Rhino Heavy Duty crossbar system
    • Comes with all the bolts, washers, plates etc required


  • Set of 4 Whispbar ubolts. Used to fit boxes, trays, baskets to Whipbars, Thule Wingbars and other aero type bars.

  • Yakima Large Stretch Net


    Don’t let loose gear atop your vehicle go flying at the first bump. These stretch nets include hooks and are custom fit for your Yakima MegaWarrior or Yakima OffGrid Large basket. Now your gear will stay right where it belongs.

    • Custom fit for MegaWarrior and OffGrid Large baskets
    • Keep loose gear safe and secure, even on bumpy back roads
    • No-tangle hooks make them easy to wrangle


  • Position anywhere on your Platform to hold your toolbox, cooler/ice box or other bulky item in place (in conjunction with tie-downs, sold separately). Provides greater strength and peace of mind when carrying big, bulky loads, on-road and off-road.

  • Keep your shovel or any other longitudinal gear at easy reach. And free up more space in your vehicle.


    • Unique "pop & drop" mechanism - simply pop open the handcuff-sinpired holders and drop your tool in.

    • Securely holds handle diameters between 30-55mm and can also be locked for extra peace of mind.

    • Ideal for tools with straight shafts (shovels), "D" handle (spades), and oval handles (axes), as well as sporting equipment (paddles or oars).

  • Carry and transport your spade, shovel, axe or other equipment safely with the Rhino-Rack Shovel/Axe Bracket. It is the perfect accessory to mount directly to your Rhino-Rack Vortex crossbars or Rhino-Rack Pioneer systems saving you space in your vehicle whilst also preventing cabin damage. 

    A shovel, spade or axe is the must-have addition to your adventures. You'll need these tools available to dig yourself out of snow, sand, mud or any other type of terrain.

    Shovel not included


  • The Rhino-Rack Pioneer (RAFL) Ladder Mount allows you to use the Aluminium Folding Ladder on your Pioneer system. Attach to the sides of your platform using the channel, providing a secure anchor point for your Aluminium Folding Ladder (RAFL). 

    Ladder sold separately


  • Rhino-Rack Pioneer Cargo Corners have been designed to provide users with a secure and adaptable anchor point for large bulky items. 

    Whether you are needing to bring along an extra Esky or tool box, look no further than our Cargo Corners to keep your items in place. When fitted correctly the Corners wedge against the side of your gear, and you can strap and secure them using the integrated eye bolts as anchors.

    This product is suited to all Rhino-Rack Pioneer Trays, Tradies and Platforms. They are made from diecast aluminium and finished with powder coating for the ultimate corrosion resistance. 

  • Keep your home and workspace clear of clutter with the Large Rhino-Rack Wall Hanger. The Wall Hanger allows you to mount and store your luggage box, tray, kayak or anything up to 80kg / 176lb securely to the wall saving floor space. The Wall Hanger can be mounted to suit most wall types including brick, plasterboard and wood. A tie down strap is also included to secure your load. The Wall Hanger features steel tubes that are electroplated and powder coated to resist corrosion when used outdoors.

    • Incredible load rating of 80kg / 176lb
    • Electroplated and powdercoated steel tube frame for potential outdoor use
    • The padded cover is UV stabilised, however, premature fading will occur outdoors compared to indoor use
    • Included is a tie down strap to securely strap your gear in place
    • Keeps your garage, outdoor area or work space clutter free
    • Can mount Luggage Box, Pioneer Tray, Kayak, Canoe, SUP or anything you can imagine
    • The Wall Hanger comes with all the necessary parts to assemble and mount
  • The Rhino Pioneer Thru Axle Bike Carrier allows you to attach a thru axle bike directly to a Pioneer system. Designed for strength and durability, it firmly secures your bike whilst reducing any sway and rocking created when driving. The bike mount comes with 15mm x 100mm thru axle insert, with additional sizes available for purchase.

    Featuring easy installation, and quick installation, using your existing bike skewer and a quick release strap to safely secure the rear tyre. The mount secures to the Pioneer channels allowing full placement flexibility. The front mount can be turned around to offset handlebars when carrying two bikes if carrying three or more bikes every second mount can be installed back to front to allow for maximum space.  


    • Compatible with all Rhino-Rack Pioneer systems.
    • The housing is constructed using a satin black powder coated steel
    • The inserts are blue anodised aluminium to prevent rusting
    • Pre-assembled
    • 15mm x 100mm Multi-Axle Adaptor included
    • Compatible with all other Rhino-Rack Thru Axle inserts (view product compatibility for insert sizes)
    • All fixings and tools included
    • Quick and easy installation/removal
    • The fork carrier can be rotated to prevent handlebars clashing
    • Rear wheel carrier can be flipped to fit on smaller trays
    • Rear wheel strap fits all wheel dimensions
    • Front mount height: 95mm
    • Rear mount height (without strap): 98mm
    • Maximum on-road weight allowance: 17kg/37lbs
    • Maximum off-road weight allowance: 11kg/24lbs
    • Not suitable for electric bikes (e-bikes)


    Bike Types
    • Disc Brakes
    • Kids bike
      Mountain bike
      Race bike
      Wide Tyres
    Mount Style
    • Front Wheel off
    Product Weight
    • 2.0 kg
    • 3 Years


  • Rhino Stow It Starter Kit

    The STOW IT Starter Kit is an accessory bracket that offers versatility like no other. Simply fix the base brackets to the perimeter channels of a Pioneer platform or Rhino-Rack crossbar, and you have the convenience and flexibility to add, remove or swap accessories with ease to suit your needs.

    To get started, the kit comes with Universal Adaptors ideal for mounting a Sunseeker awning , the award winning STOW IT Utility holder  or any other applicable Rhino-Rack accessory. When mounting light bars or rollers, separate adaptors are sold that can be used in place of the Universal Adaptor.


    • Allows quick and easy removal of side mounted accessories for flexible mounting options or storage
    • Compatible with other STOW iT adaptors for more accessory mounting options
    • Base bracket can be fixed directly to Pioneer platforms, Reconn-Deck bars and Vortex bars
    • Built tough for the harshest outback terrains
    • Durable and aesthetic finish
    • Includes the new patented Zwifloc channel nuts that allow the brackets to be placed anywhere on the side rail without moving other accessories. The Zwifloc nut simply drops into the channel, so there is no need to slide into position.
    • Contents Included: 4 STOW iT Base Brackets, 4 Universal Adaptors, 8 x Rhino-Rack patented hardware - Zwifloc & Torx driver bit
    Reconn-Deck - Compatible
    Rhino Vortex - Compatible
    Rhino Pioneer Platform - Compatible
    Rhino Pioneer Tray - Compatible
    Rhino Pioneer Tradie - Compatible
  • The Rhino-Rack Weatherproof Luggage Bag is the ideal solution for carrying your bulky light weight gear while on the road. Constructed using tear resistant 500D High-End poly canvas material – not only is it waterproof but it will also protect your gear from all manner of harsh weather conditions.


    • Constructed using 500D High-End poly canvas tarpaulin - waterproof, tear resistant & fibre reinforced
    • Water resistant zipper*
    • Protective velcro overlap to shield the zipper from the elements
    • Welded seams provide superior waterproofing compared to traditional stitching
    • Extra strong UV50+ securing straps with heavy duty Duraflex buckles to easily secure the luggage bag to a luggage tray or basket.
    • Additional front buckles to reduce wind flapping
    • Easy to fit, load and unload
    • Storage bag to keep the luggage bag protected between trips

    * Zipper is water resistant and not waterproof, therefore the bag should not be submerged in water.


    200 Ltr Length 1,400 mm. Width 500 mm. Height 300 mm.
    350 Ltr Length 1,200 mm. Width 960 mm. Height 300 mm.
    500 Ltr Length 1,500 mm. Width 1,100 mm. Height 300 mm.
    600 Ltr Length 1,800 mm. Width 1,100 mm. Height 300 mm.