Rhino Fit Kits

Rhino Fit Kits

Rhino-Rack's fit kits are vehicle specific base units to attach to standard foot packs.  

Please contact us on 09 486 6650 to find the right fit kit for your vehicle.



  • The internal backing mounts used to fit a Quick Mount™ RLT600 leg onto a canopy. This item is suitable for 1 bar as it includes 2 mounts. A foam pad is included to be cut to size so that when you do use this item, it won't damage the paint of your canopy.


  • The Quick Mount Roof Bracket provides a permanent or fixed mounting point for the roof rack to attach to.

    It can only be used in conjunction with the RLT600 Quick Mount leg.

  • Rhino-Rack's DK kits are used in all the 2500 roof rack systems. The kit consists of the pads and clamps which attach to your vehicle's roof. The kit includes 4 pads and 4 clamps.

    Please contact us on 09 486 6650to find the right fit kit for your vehicle.

    Individual product images not shown , but are similar to the main image.


  • The RCP Base kits are used with Rhino-Rack's range of RC and RV roof rack systems. The kit consists of moulded pads and other various components which attach to the fixed mounting points on your vehicle's roof.

  • Generic Tracks for vehicles. Sold as a pair, 1480mm (58.3") and includes hardware and end caps.

    Note- generic images only, actual product may differ from photos


  • Rhino RTS Track are vehicle specific tracks. These are designed to give you the strongest and most versatile option to mount to specific vehicles.

    Comes with tracks, end caps, rivets and instructions.

    Prices do not include installation.

  • Rhino Aeroklas Canopy Tracks

    Specialty Tracks for Aeroklas Canopies. Sold as a pair and includes hardware and end caps.

    Track Length - 920 mm
  • The Rhino-Rack Backbone is an interior structure set up on the inside of the vehicle. Three plates on each side of the roof are connected with the interior frame extending your roof line to carry heavier loads with the max load rating of up to 120kg or 264lb.

    The RJKB1 Rhino-Rack Backbone comes with:

    • All the internal support frames
    • Mounting Plates so you can attach a 2 or 3 bar roof rack system or the Pioneer Platform
    • Fitting Hardware required for the install
  • Rhino-Rack Backbone Mounting System - Long Guttermount Backbone (Curved Gutters)

    The Rhino-Rack Backbone has been specifically designed to suit the Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series wagon & the Nissan Patrol GU wagon. This Rhino Backbone utilizes the factory gutters and mounts directly to them. Offering a new and stylish, yet well established and proven mounting solution for our iconic Pioneer Platforms.


    • Stylishly designed to suit rugged off-road conditions
    • Made from non corrosive Stainless Steel allowing you maximum carrying capacity
    • Vehicle specific clamping mechanism to secure Backbone to roof gutter
    • Easy fitment utilising the proven Rhino-Rack gutter clamping system
    • Compatible with Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform 52104. Compatibility with 45104B, and 41104 requires supplementary fitting kit. (SUB0836)


    NISSAN Patrol GU 4dr 4WD LWB 12/97 to 04/17

    TOYOTA LandCruiser 80 Series 4dr 4WD 05/90 to 03/98