We stock a wide range of awnings and awning accessories. Keep the family out of the sun this summer with the Rhino Batwing awning. Or give your work vehicle a little bit of shelter with a sunseeker awning. We've got extensions , tents and walls. Everything you need to set up your awning on the grass or down at the beach.

  • The Foxwing Pole Service Kit consists of a replacement hinge which has been engineered to withstand most conditions the Foxwing Awning might be exposed to. Made from an engineered plastic which replaces the cast alloy design of the regular hinge, this product is quick and easy to replace.


  • Thanks to Rhino-Rack’s Awning Extension, owners of the Sunseeker 2.5 and Foxwing awning range are able to extend the coverage of their shade out by a further 2m. Simply zip the Awning Extension to the awning and secure it to the ground or use the provided telescopic poles and pegs to open it out, creating more shade.

    Everything you need is included: telescopic poles, ropes, pegs and a travel bag for your added convenience.

    The Awning Extension is made from the same top notch rip-stop polycotton canvas that is used for all our awning products. This extension is not only UV-protected but also waterproof, mould resistant and rust proof.

    All telescopic poles, ropes and pegs are included along with a storage bag.

    Quick & Easy to attach
    UV Protected
    Waterproof (Rating:1500mm)
    Mould Shield™
    Rust Proof
    Suitable with the Sunseeker and Foxwing Awnings
    Additional 4m² of coverage