Rhino Pioneer Accessories

Rhino Pioneer Accessories

Now you have your Rhino Pioneer Tray, platform or tradie platform it’s time to deck it out to make carrying all your gear easy and safe. Spare wheels, gas bottles, chilly bins, high lift jacks, shovels, kayaks, bikes - there’s a Rhino Pioneer accessory to make you want to take all the gear. Or simply pimp it out with the help of an LED light bar or a spotlight  bracket (or six!). Make loading from the back easy with a Pioneer roller.  Customise your Pioneer to make it stand out from the rest.

  • This Pioneer Worklight Bracket is made from corrosion resistant powder coated steel, allowing you to fit work lights or spotlights to any Rhino-Rack Pioneer System. The Bracket can be mounted to all sides of the Pioneer at varying heights. 

  • The Pioneer Combination Bracket facilitates the attachment of both your Rhino-Rack Shovel Holder and Rhino-Rack High Lift Jack Holder to the same side of your Pioneer Tray, Pioneer Platform or Pioneer Tradie. This easily installed Combination Bracket is engineered to be strong, durable and corrosion resistant. No matter where you're working or exploring it will stand up to the elements. Once you've finished using the Shovel or Jack keep the dirt outside your vehicle by fixing it to your Pioneer Roof System.


    • Facilitates the attachment of both your Rhino-Rack Shovel Holder and Rhino-Rack High Lift Jack Holder
    • Fits onto the Pioneer Tray, Pioneer Tradie and Pioneer Platform
    • Made from strong, non-corrosive powder coated steel
    • Simple installation
    • Two brackets are included in the kit to secure one Shovel and one High Lifting Jack
    • A 10mm Spanner is necessary for the fitment of the Combination Bracket and is not included in the kit.
  • The PLHS1 Pioneer Leg Height Spacers are designed to raise the Pioneer Roof Trays to allow the legs to slide out wider onto the Rhino-Rack Backbone system developed for the JEEP JK Wrangler. 4 spacers are included in this kit.


  • The eye bolt kit has been designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the Rhino Spare Wheel Strap for quick and easy mounting. The kit includes 3 eye bolts.

    The Eye Bolt Kit fits directly into the Pioneer Tray or Platform's planks with simple twist to lock action. The kit includes 3 eye bolts.


    • Compatible with the Rhino Spare Wheel Strap
    • Made from anti-corrosive galvanised steel
    • Easy to use with a twist to lock action
    • Kit includes 3 eye bolts and necessary hardware
    • Attaches to Rhino Racks range of Pioneer Trays and Platforms
  • Every avid camper or 4WDer knows a spare wheel is one of the essential items you need to bring with you on any adventure. Rhino-Rack has developed a spare wheel strap to securely fasten your wheel to our range of Pioneer Trays and Platforms so you can free up the space inside your vehicle. The installation is simple to attach and detach but most importantly it will secure your spare wheel for those unfortunate situations. Stay safe with Rhino-Rack.

    The unique design features two of the three straps can be incrementally adjusted so the stainless steel ring is always positioned in the centre of the wheel, offering maximum holding capacity.

    The tightening ratchet and ring are made from stainless steel so it won't corrode. The S hooks are PE plastic coated steel and the webbing is made from polyester. For even simpler mounting, use the Rhino-Rack Eye Bolt Kit which is not included as part of the spare wheel strap.


    • Easy to install
    • Transport your spare wheel outside your vehicle
    • Easily mounted to your Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tray and Platform
    • Made from strong and durable materials
    • Includes incrementally adjustable straps
    • Includes tightening ratchets as well as 2 x cam buckles
  • The Pioneer Heavy Duty Attachment Plate allows you to attach the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Trays and Platforms to your Heavy Duty crossbars. Now you can transform your crossbar system with a simple installation process and create more roof space for your daily adventure and commercial needs. Made from strong mild steel this powder coated Pioneer Heavy Duty Attachment Plate Kit will resist corrosion. A single set includes two attachment plates that suit a single bar system. This product will fit all Pioneer Tray and Platform sizes.


    • Made from strong mild steel & powder coated to resist corrosion
    • Simple installation
    • Two plates are included in one Kit
    • 2 kits required for a 2 bar system
    • 3 kits required for a 3 bar system
  • The Cam Buckle Pioneer Pickup Kit allows you to strap down items to your Pioneer system very quickly and easily as the cam buckle straps come with loops on the end. The mounting blocks are designed with a low profile to minimise wind resistance and are easily installed into the C-Channels of the Pioneer system.


    • Product comes with 2 cam buckle straps
    • Straps are 2.2m / 87 inches
    • 4 x mouldings (mounting blocks)
    • All the required hardware for installation
    • 1 Year Warranty
  • The Pioneer Ratchet Grab comes with a 2.0m strap, an eye bolt and multi-directional fitting and is ideal for securing loads to your Pioneer Platform, Tray or Tradie. Now you can attach the Pioneer Ratchet Grab both longitudinally and latitudinally. This is an ideal system for securing cargo boxes when off-road adventuring.

    Made from high-grade webbing and the ratchet is quick and easy to use. With a multi-directional fitting application the Pioneer Ratchet Grab is extremely effective for securing anyload.


    • Secure your load with confidence
    • Suits all Rhino-Rack Pioneer luggage carriers
    • Comes with a 2.0m strap
    • Strap made from high-grade webbing
    • Longitudinal and latitudinal direction fitting application
    • Load Rating up to 225kg
    • High Quality Stainless Steel for long lasting durability
    • Suitable for off-road use and everyday use
  • Use these with the Pioneer Recovery Track Side Bracket (43159) to attach your Maxtrax Vehicle Recovery products to your Pioneer Platform or Tray.


    Your Recovery Track Bracket Pins (x4) solution can be equipped with these

    Pioneer Fishing Road Holder Bracket #43159
    Recovery Strap Brackets #43199


  • Owning the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Shovel Holder Bracket means you no longer need be concerned about dirtying your vehicle with a muddy shovel. Simply attach the shovel to your Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tray, Pioneer Tradie or Pioneer Platform and you're on the road. The size of your Pioneer roof system doesn't matter either as these brackets fit all different sizes. Get out there faster with Rhino-Rack's easy to install, strong, durable and non-corrosive Shovel Bracket.


    • The brackets will fit the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Trays, Tradie and Platforms of all different sizes
    • Attach your shovel to your Pioneer Platform or Tray
    • Made from strong, non-corrosive powder coated steel
    • Simple installation
    • Two brackets are included to secure your shovel
  • Allows you to fit small work or spot lights to a Rhino-Rack Pioneer System

  • Rhino-Rack has engineered the Pioneer LED Light Bracket so lighting up the night whilst on the road with your LED lights has never been easier. Simply install LED lights to Rhino-Rack’s range of Pioneer Roof Systems and don’t let a shadow near again. The Pioneer Platform and Pioneer Tradie can have the LED Brackets fitted to either the front, back or sides of your vehicle. The Pioneer Tray can have LED Brackets fitted to the sides and rear only. Made from strong powder coated steel these Brackets are corrosion resistant, durable and stylish.


    • Pioneer LED Light Brackets fit Rhino-Rack's Pioneer Platforms and Pioneer Tradie on all sides
    • Pioneer LED Light Brackets fit Rhino-Rack's Pioneer Tray ONLY on the rear and sides
    • Made from strong, non-corrosive powder coated steel
    • Simple installation
    • Versatile mounting
  • Made from strong Powder Coated Steel the Pioneer LED Light Bracket fits the entire Rhino Pioneer range of Trays, Tradies and Platforms. Secure your LED Light to the specifically designed Rhino Pioneer range and don't let your work or fun be held back by a lack of light.


    • Rhino Pioneer Spot Light Brackets fit the entire size range of Rhino Pioneer Trays and Platforms
    • Attach your Spot Lights to the Front or Rear of the Pioneer Platform or Tray
    • Made from strong, non-corrosive powder coated steel
    • Simple installation
  • Attaching a High Lifting Jack directly to the top of your Rhino-Rack Pioneer System has been made simple with the Pioneer High Lifting Jack Holder Bracket. Securely attach your High Lifting Jack in place with our strong, durable and corrosion resistant powder coated steel bracket. The Pioneer High Lifting Jack Holder Bracket will fit Pioneer Systems of all different sizes which is another reason Rhino-Rack creates the most useful roof rack systems in the world.

  • The Rhino-Rack square mouth shovel with a Stainless Steel 304 Blade is made for all weather conditions. It is corrosion resistant and powder coated black. The contoured grip is designed to be non slip with superior comfort to provide greater control. Beneath the grip consists of a composite multicore fibreglass (PVC and TPE) handle.



    • Square mouth stainless steel blade
    • Contoured grip for comfort and greater control
    • Handle made from a composite of multicore fibreglass
    • Product Length: 141cm / 55.5 inches
    • Product Weight: 2.25kg / 5 lb
  • The Pioneer Underside Bar is designed for use with our Pioneer range as a replacement bar. It can also serve as a fourth bar for Toyota Land Cruiser 200 vehicles. It is compatible with the following: 41104, 42104B, 45104B.

    With Plastic Tabs.