Roof Box Accessories

Roof Box Accessories
  • The MUBK is a fitting kit designed to allow owners who have a set of Rhino Euro crossbars to mount the full range of Rhino Mesh Baskets and Mesh Platforms to their vehicle. This product makes the transition between Rhino-Rack accessories and gear carrying systems even simpler.

  • Rhino U-bolt Kit (Suit Rb, Rmb)

    Features:The U Bolt Kit is recommended for use when mounting a Rhino-Rack Mesh Basket, Mesh Platform or a Luggage Box/Ski Box to the Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty Bar. Sold as a set of 4 square U Bolts, they will assist you mounting these adventure accessories securely to your Heavy Duty bar.

  • Rhino Sportz/Rola U-bolt Kit


    When mounting a mesh basket, mesh platform rack or roof box to a Rhino Sportz or Aero bar, we recommend an S280. This is a set of 4 rounded u bolts to suit the Sportz bar, measuring 65mm x 100mm. They come with black powder coated plates and 8 wing nuts and washers to secure the plates down.

  • Set of 4 Whispbar ubolts. Used to fit boxes, trays, baskets to Whipbars, Thule Wingbars and other aero type bars.

  • Special design to optimize space utilization in your roof box.

  • The bag for making full use of the front of your roofbox.

  • Fits roof box directly into the T-track of the load carrier bar.


  • For safe and protective transportation of your skis inside a roofbox (Fits 200/780/800/820 Roof boxes).
  • Complete four-pack of bags to make the best use of your roofbox space.

  • The perfect way to store a roofbox. Works just as perfectly for kayaks, stand up paddle boards and surfboards.

    -To be mounted on garage ceiling
    -Lifts load easily with help of winch
    -Lifts load up to 100kg
    -Works perfectly with roof boxes, kayaks, surfboards etc