Rhino Parts

Rhino Parts
  • Rhino Vortex Bar Rubbber 400mm

    The M626 VGS Vortex Bar Rubber is a 400mm strip sold individually and designed to reduce wind noise as well as giving your roof racks additional padding and styling


    • Available in lengths of 400mm
    • Easy to install/remove
    • Reduces wind noise
    • Provides additional padding and styling
    • Short pieces facilitate accessory fitting
    • Sold individually
  • Need a bit of extra height on your Heavy Duty CXB roof rack bars? This pair of spacers will give you an extra 6mm of height to work with.

    Set up is straight forward – simply insert each spacer between the leg and bar using the provided hardware and you’re all done.


    • Adds an extra 6mm of height to your bars
    • Specifically designed for use with Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty CXB Roof Rack Systems
    • Includes 2 leg spacers
  • The VA-FK1 is a fitting kit designed to fit the Vortex bar to RL legs

  • The RLKS1 spacer blocks are used to level a 3 bar roof rack system on a vehicle such as a ute or pick up that may have rear ute posts or a canopy rack system. Attached between the Rhino-Rack 2500 leg and either a Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty or Vortex cross bar, this set of spacers will raise the cross bar 10mm in height.

    These leg height spacers have been designed for use on a support bar, set up for long loads - they are not to be used as a 2 bar system under a load bearing cross bar. Made from glass re-enforced nylon, just like our legs, they are strong and flexible.

    This kit includes:

    • 2 x 10mm Spacer Blocks
    • 2 x M6 x 32mm Bolts
  • Rhino Swivel Pad for 2500 systems.

    Includes one swivel pad.


  • Rhino Quick Mount 10mm VA spacer

    The Quick Mount Vortex Spacer (10mm) allows you to fit the Rhino-Rack Vortex Bars to the RLT600 legs. Sold as a pair of 2 which fits 1 bar.


  • Rhino 100 mm Leg Height Spacer Pair

    Spacer blocks are useful to obtain a level height between all of the crossbars on your vehicle. Installation is a breeze - simply place the spacers between the leg unit and the crossbar of your roof rack until all of the crossbars have been raised to an even level.

    Each spacer is 10mm high, and this pack comes with 2 x spacers and 2 x M10 (35mm) bolts.


    • Designed specifically to fit Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty bars.
    • Provides one bar with a 10mm increase in height.
  • Rhino S400 Fit Kit For Rola Sportz Bar


    Suits Rhino Sportz Bar, Rhino Heavy Duty Aero Bar, Thule Aero Bar and Rola Universal Rails Bars. This fit kit consists of 4 t-bolts, washers and wing nuts to secure the S400 cradles to the roof racks.

  • The Vortex Secure Core locking end cap is the new standard end cap that comes with the Rhino-Rack Vortex crossbars. The locking mechanism prevents theft of the accessories mounted to your crossbar to give you peace of mind. The VA-SEC4 comes with 4 locking end caps and 2 keys.

  • Rhino S400 Fit Kit for Square Bars


    Suits European Square bars. This fit kit consists of 4 u-bolts to secure the S400 cradles to the roof racks.

  • The MUBK is a fitting kit designed to allow owners who have a set of Rhino Euro crossbars to mount the full range of Rhino Mesh Baskets and Mesh Platforms to their vehicle. This product makes the transition between Rhino-Rack accessories and gear carrying systems even simpler.

  • The PLHS1 Pioneer Leg Height Spacers are designed to raise the Pioneer Roof Trays to allow the legs to slide out wider onto the Rhino-Rack Backbone system developed for the JEEP JK Wrangler. 4 spacers are included in this kit.