Tumbler and Mug Accessories

Tumbler and Mug Accessories

Accessorise your Yeti Mug or Tumbler with a range of versatile lids - there's one for every purpose. Sliders, straws, leakproof Chug and Hot Shot Caps and more.

Get the most out of your Rambler drinkware!


  • While most things are better outdoors, it’s especially true of wine. But that simple pleasure demanded some serious engineering to ensure no pool deck, happy hour, or boat is hampered by broken glass. Our 10 oz. Wine Tumbler is the YETI® answer to the wine glass and is available in stainless steel and DuraCoat™ colors. Like the entire Rambler® Family, the Wine Tumbler and included MagSlider™ Lid are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The smooth-sliding lid adds an additional barrier of protection to keep your wine contained and at the perfect temperature, but please note — this magnet component is not leakproof and will not prevent spills.

    NOTE: This product is not intended to be leakproof.






  • Yeti Rambler Magslider Lid Medium - 10 oz Lowball, 10 oz Mug, 16oz Pint, 20 oz Tumbler, 24 oz mug
    The MagSlider Lid means enjoying drinks from our Rambler Tumblers without worrying about splashes on the go. Unlike other closeable drink lids, ours harness the power of magnets (yep, real magnets) for smooth opening and closing, and have a crystal clear lid so you can always see if you’re in need of a top off. Our magnet technology also makes for easy cleaning — you can pop the MagSlider off, rinse, dry, and return it to the YETI Slider Lid. And the MagSlider Lid is dishwasher safe and shatter-resistant, just like the rest of our Rambler accessories.

    NOTE: The MagSlider Lid is not leakproof and will not prevent spills. Does not include tumbler etc

    Please note: This lid is not compatible with Rambler Bottles or Jugs.


  •  The Yeti Rambler series famous cold-retaining properties keep frozen beverages icy for hours, and now the Straw Lid makes them easier to enjoy. Yeti's wide, durable drinking straw makes this the perfect lid for margaritas, slushies, and whatever drinks you'd rather sip than gulp.

    Unlike other insulated cups with straws, the Rambler Straw Lids are built to last and have a molded-in stopper that holds your straw safely in place. And just like our other Rambler lids, it's shatter-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and completely free of BPA.

    Note - Lid and straw only does not include tumbler

  • Yeti Magslider Magnet Pack - Limited Edition 

    Add a bright detail to any Rambler® Tumbler or Mug with one easy switch. These pop-on, pop-off magnets pair perfectly with our dishwasher-safe MagSlider™ Lid so you can mix and match your colored magnet with your favorite Rambler® Drinkware by the hour, or by the day. Not to mention, it’s a pretty handy trick if you’re aimin’ to prevent drink mix-ups.


    This pack comes with 3 MagSlider™ Magnets, in three colours- Harvest Red, Highlands Olive and Sharptail Taupe


    Each MagSlider™ Magnet fits all three sizes of the MagSlider™ Lid for Rambler® 10 oz Wine Tumbler, 20 oz, and 30 oz Tumblers.


    Note: MagSlider™ Lids are sold separately.


  • On-the-go caffeine enthusiasts meet the insulated, 360-drinking, 100% leakproof cap ideal for morning commutes, cold-weather hunts, night shifts, and beyond. With just a half twist and a click, you can sip from any side and enjoy that perfect, piping-hot temp. And as an added bonus, you can put the Hot Shot™ Cap on any of our Rambler Bottles – it’s compatible with all of ‘em. But if you ask us, the 12 oz. is the perfect size for it.

    Note: This accessory is not compatible with Rambler Tumblers.