Yakima Parts

Yakima Parts
  • Need an extra lock to one key your Yakima or Whispbar roof rack? You've found what you are looking for.

    Match the number on your key to the lock barrel , too easy!

    Price is for a single lock barrel.




  • T BOLT1/4”X3”


    Replacement bolts for Aero / Universal Mounts.Includes 2 bolts.

  • If you have lost your SKS key to your Yakima or Whispbar product, this is what need.

    If you don't know what your key the number is you will need to drop by the shop and go through the keys to find the right one.  

  • Yakima Railbar Endcap Set (4)

  • The Yakima LongArm Pad provides some extra protection when hauling gear on our LongArm truck bed extender.The pad combines durability and protection with a soft foam core and a ballistic nylon exterior that holds up over time. Hook and loop closures are designed to hug the LongArm's crossbar tight and a center cutout allows side or centered placement.Sold as a single pad.

  • Yakima[Prorack] Thru Bar Covers with Lock

    Spare part for Prorack

    Note - image is generic, product may differ

  • LightenUp™ your path—and easily secure your light bar or a pair of spotlights on your LockNLoad™ platform rack and Yakima® T-slot crossbars. Configurable in 16 different orientations, this bracket provides peace of mind when you head out on nighttime adventures. Designed and thoroughly tested in the rugged Australian Outback to meet Yakima’s new Off-Road Rated standards.




    • Unique two part brackets, configurable out-of-the-box in sixteen different orientations
    • Rugged steel construction
    • Supplied with Torx screws for enhanced security
    • Suitable for light bars (up to 10 kg), spot lights, and other accessories
    • Compatible with LockN'Load and Whispbar HD crossbars
  • The LongArm Height Extension takes your LongArm truck bed extender to the next level. It securely attaches to the LongArm when it's in the vertical position and easily adjusts to match the height of your cab's roof rack. The 165 lb capacity allows for a couple of kayaks or ladders to go up high on your truck, leaving room in your truck bed for other gear, and the included anchor strap tie downs ensure the load is secure.

  • Yakima SKS Lock Cores - 8 Pack

    SKS stands for "same key system". These 8 cores enable you to lock all of your Yakima products with just one key.

    • Fits all lockable accessories
    • Includes 8 SKS Cores and matching keys
    • 2 keys included plus a control key