Soft Racks

Soft Racks

Soft racks are a fantastic way to take your board short distances when your car doesn't have any racks. Great for over seas holiday, rental cars or the old beach hack. If you love your car we suggest that you look at a hard rack option.

  • Features:

    • surfboard soft racks with 25mm foam padding protects surfboard rails and car roof
    • unique single loop system cocoons boards like no other soft rack, eliminating surfboard or SUP movement
    • luxurious padded neoprene bed protects surfboards
    • 3 connection methods: thru-doors, loadbars or gutters/sills
    • quick and easy to use with single tightening point
    • easy board access via top load hook
    • webbing doesn't run along roof reducing potential vibration damage
    • fit 99% of roofed vehicles on the market
    • constructed from 600D polycanvas and quality metal components
    • includes utility bag


    Nothing holds your boards better

    Mobilize your boards with the strongest, simplest and most protective soft racks you can buy.

    PROTECTION: Lockdown racks cocoon your surfboards in a luxurious neoprene bed while the 25mm foam padding extends around surfboard rails like no other racks, reducing rail damage and protecting vehicle roof.

    LOCKDOWN: The patented 'lockdown' system uses a single loop to pull both roofrack and boards down onto vehicle roof, eliminating surfboards lifting up and down or moving side to side, even in the most extreme conditions such as windblasts from oncoming trucks.

    SIMPLICITY: Quick and simple to use with single tightening point.

    CAPACITY: double rack capacity in a single rack: 1-6 shortboards, 1-3 longboards or 1-2 SUP boards

    You need to get your equipment there in one piece so whatever you do, don't cut corners on your racks.

  • Simple and strong, the FCS Cam Lock system will efficiently strap your boards down.


    •  Holds 1-2 surfboards
    •  Fits most cars, vans, SUVs / 4WDs, etc
    •  Square non-rolling pads
    •  25mm nylon webbing
    •  Metal Cam Lock system encased in a neoprene sleeve for protection
    •  Quick and simple to use. No installation required
    •  Comes packaged in convenient zip storage pouch
    •  Contains 2 soft racks (with integrated strap)‚Äč

    FCS Cam Lock Surfboard Straps


    LOAD: Load - 2 SUPs or 2 Longboards or 1 of each.

    • Superior Quality Rax
    • Rust-Proof Metal Cam Buckle Locking System Encased In Padded Neoprene For Added Protection
    • UV Treated And Tested Webbing Straps
    • Aerodynamic Extra High Eva Moulded Foam Pads (Keeps Handles & Zips Clear Of Roof)
    • Easy Clean PVC Top Panel To Minimize Wax Build Up
    • Reusable Carry Bag