Roof Mounted

Roof Mounted

We have New Zealand’s largest range of roof mounted bike carriers. From leading brands Thule, Yakima, Whispbar, Rhino and Rola. Carrying your bike on the roof whether its road bikes, mountain bikes or even e-bike is made easy. We have bike racks for bikes with standard, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and even lefties axels.

  • Thule 591/561 Wheel Tray

    • For Thule ProRide 591 & OutRide 561 roof mounted cycle carriers
    • Replacement Wheel Holder
    • Part number 34368
    • Black Plastic Wheel Holder & 2 Buckles for Strap
    From $6.15
  • Thule wheel carrier 545-2


    • Possible to fold down towards the roof when not in use.
    • The perfect accessory for Thule OutRide 561
  •  Featuers:

    • Dynamic design with curved tubes for looking good on the car roof.
    • Exclusive titanium color.
    • The padded frame holder with quick-lock-function is designed for safe, quick and convenient mounting.
    • Fits bike frames from up to 80mm in diameter (oval 65x80mm and round 22-70mm).
    • Comfortable Quick-mounting-System for fast and easy mounting around both Square and AeroBars.
    • Smart wheelholders for easier loading.
    • Quick-release straps, adjustable for different wheel sizes.
    • Lockable – bike to bike carrier, bike carrier to load carrier.
    • One Key System compatible. With this accessory you can replace the locking cylinders to use one and the same key for all your Thule products.
    • This carrier is pre-assembled, no tools are required.
    • Possible to fold down towards the roof when not in use.

    Technical Specifications:

    Load Capacity Bikes1
    Fitting of bikeFrame/Wheel
    Fits frame dimensions (mm)round frame 65-80 mm
    Fits wheel dimensionsAll
    Locks bike to carrierLocks bike to carrier
    Locks Carrier to Roof RackLocks Carrier to Roof Rack
    One Key System compatibleOne Key System compatible
    For fit to both sides of the roofFor fit to both sides of the roof
    Fits Thule Aero BarsFits Thule Aero Bars
    Fits Thule Square BarsFits Thule Square Bars
    Fits Thule Wing Barsuse FK 889-2, RRP $35.00
    Fits Thule Professional Barsuse FK 889-2, RRP $35.00
    Fits Thule Slide Barsuse FK 889-2, RRP $35.00
    Fits Rhino Sports Barsuse FK 889-2, RRP $35.00
    Fits Rhino Commercial BarsNo fit
    Fits Prorack Whisp Barsuse FK 889-2, RRP $35.00
    Fits Rola RBU series Bars (universal T-track)use FK 889-2, RRP $35.00
    TÜV approvedTÜV approved
    Fulfils City Crash NormFulfils City Crash Norm
  • Rhino Sportz 2 piece quick release bike

    When you need to carry a bike on your roof racks, but the distance between your roof racks is greater then 875mm, then a 2-piece carrier is ideal. This carrier comes with the same securing features as our standard quick release carriers, however it comes in 2 pieces. The Front head also comes with a standard locking skewer.  Fits to Rhino Vortex, Rhino Aero and Rola Sports bars


    • 2-piece carrier
    • Made from strong yet ultra light alloy
    • Comes with a bracket to attach to the roof rack on the under side
    • Fits the Rhino Sportz, Rhino Aero and Rola Sports bar profiles
  • Yakima forklift bike carrier

    Feast your eyes on our first-ever fork-style roof rack bike mount with factory crossbar capability right out of the box. (Please note: The ForkLift is recommended for carrying bikes only, not pallets loaded with heavy gear.)


    • Fork to factory bar mount, bike rack. Accommodates disc brakes and standard axles. Long-throw skewer with integrated adjuster knob.
    • Quick and easy, tool-free installation makes life a breeze 
    • Sleek design and automotive finish looks extremely spiffy on your vehicle 
    • Secure and lockable skewer with integrated adjustment knob for single-handed, easy access (SKS lock cores sold separately) 
    • Easy-to-adjust sliding wheel tray makes positioning the rear wheel a snap
    • Fits round, square and most factory crossbars out of the box.


    • Simple tool-free installation and removal of the bike mount from your car roof rack 
    • Fits most disc brakes 
    • Secure and lockable skewer with integrated adjustment knob for single-handed, easy access (SKS LOCK CORES sold separately) 
    • Easy-to-adjust sliding wheel tray makes positioning the rear wheel a snap 
    • Fits car rack systems with round, square and most factory crossbars right out of the box 
    • Doesn’t touch the painted surfaces of your bike and makes for a great bike mount for your carbon rig

    General Information:

    • Weight: 7 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 53.5” long
    • Capacity: 1 bike





  • Rola fork mount bike carrier with extention


    • For carrying bikes with a quick release front wheel, on roof racks that are not adjustable and the bikeÕs rear wheel needs to sit past the rear cross bar
    • Front section clamps around the front cross bar and includes a quick release skewer to secure the bike fork
    • Rear wheel secured to the cross bar by a quick release Velcro type strap for ease of fitment and removal
    • Additional Velcro type straps are provided to secure the front wheel to the bike frame.
  • Thule outride 561 bike carrier



    Load capacity (kg)17
    Dimensions (cm)137 x 22 x 8
    Weight (kg)2.5 kg
    Fits round frame dimensions (diameter in mm)All
    Fits maximum oval frame dimensions (mm)All
    Fits maximum wheel dimensions (in)3
    Thru-axle compatible Adapter Required:Thule 15 mm Thru-axle Adapter 561-1
    Fits roof racks with 20x20 mm T-tracks 
    Fits roof racks with 24x30 mm T-tracks Adapter Required: T-track Adapter 889-3
    Fits square bar roof racks 
    One Key System compatible 
    SKU No561
    From $299.00
  • Yakima front loader bike carrier

    Universal fit to most kinds of crossbars – including aerodynamic factory bars – makes the FrontLoader our most versatile roof rack bike mount ever. It goes right from the box onto your car roof rack, and then to a very special place in your heart.


    • Super security locks your bike to the bike mount, and the bike mount to your car rack system (2 SKS LOCK CORES sold separately)
    • Bikes stay vertical as they roll onto the roof rack bike mount for quick and easy loading
    • Universal fit to car roof racks with round, square or factory crossbars right out of the box
    • Fits all kinds of wheels, from 20” kid sizes all the way up to 29” mountain and 700c road wheels (EXCEPT TANDEMS AND RECUMBENTS)
    • No problem handling disc brakes, thru axles or funky suspensions
    • Doesn’t touch the painted surfaces of your bike and makes for a great bike mount for your carbon rig
  • Whispbar fork mount bike carrier wb200

    The art of transporting bicycles has been reinvented. Premium aerodynamic styling and engineering highlight the WB200. Performance features include QuickDock technology making it effortless to attach and remove, and the innovative SmartMount design for securing standard or through-axle forks without adapters.


    • SmartMount fits road and mountain bikes, including those with QR15 and disc brakes
    • QuickDock™ technology enables the easiest on/off of any mount in the market
    • Integrated Lock System (ILS), one lock secures the equipment to the carrier and the rack
  • Whispbar Frame Mount Bike Carrier Wb201

    The sleekest and smartest bicycle mount of its kind, using SmartHold technology it automatically applies precise clamping pressure to fasten your bicycle without the need to remove the front wheel. A single lock secures the bike and carrier to the vehicle, ensuring your valuable equipment stays safe.


    • SmartHold self-adjusting frame clamp applies appropriate clamping pressure to secure bike and protect frame
    • SmartHold design self-adjusts to all downtube shapes, sizes, and materials
    • QuickDock™ technology mounts in seconds to all Whispbar rack systems with T-slot
    • Integrated Lock System (ILS) secures it all with one key
  • The fork mount carrier designed to fit all thru-axle diameters without extra adapters.




    Load capacity17 kg
    Dimensions135 x 14.6 x 10 cm
    Weight2.7 kg
    Fits round frame dimensionsAll
    Fits maximum oval frame dimensionsAll
    Fits maximum wheel dimensions3"
    Thru-axle compatible yes
    Fits roof racks with 20x20 mm T-tracks Yes
    Fits roof racks with 24x30 mm T-tracks Adapter Required: Thule T-track Adapter 889-4
    Fits SquareBar yes
    One Key System compatible yes
    Model number565
  • Get maximum frame protection with this upright roof-mounted bike carrier as it makes contact with wheel only.

    Technical specifications

    Load capacity Bikes1
    Fits most bikes with disc brakes Yes
    One Key System compatible Yes
    Fits Aero Profile Yes
    Fits SquareBar Yes
    Fits tire dimensions (in)2.6
    For Tandem Bikes No