About The Roof Rack Shop

At The Roofrack Shop we specialise in roof racks. We were the first to do so, and have the most experience of racking cars in New Zealand.

With so many different models of cars on our roads, gone are the days of having one roof rack to fit all models of cars. Cars have become rounder, curvier and no longer always have gutters to bolt a rack to. Racks have had to evolve to meet the market. This has lead to more elaborate and complicated racking systems, which makes choosing a rack a more complicated process. To make things even more confusing there are now many bands of racks on the market, making the job of choosing the right rack for your car and carrying needs almost impossible. Just because a rack fits a car it doesn't mean it's right!!!! That's where The Roof Rack Shop comes in.

We do one thing, roof racks. We have all the major brands of roof racks, so we can give you the right advice for your vehicle and carrying needs. We won't sell and fit a rack to your vehicle that we know isn't the best option for your car and carrying needs.

We will tell you if its possible to fit a rack to your vehicle (there aren't many we can't). With most vehicles we have several options whether it is removable or permanently fitted. We make your choices simple. All racks are fitted on site and in most cases we can fit it while you wait. We have the largest selection of racks and roof boxes in New Zealand and because we sell more racks than any one we have the best prices.


For friendly experienced advice find us at:

49 Barrys Point Rd
Takapuna, Auckland
Ph 09 486 6650
9:00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday
9:00am - 4pm Saturday
Closed Sunday
Closed public holidays