Spare Parts and Adapters

Spare Parts and Adapters
  • End Cap for Forklift, Frontloader Bike Carriers

    From $10.00
  • A 10mm Allen key is supplied with your InFlight bike rack. If yours has gone missing and action is required, simply order a replacement here and we can ship it to you. No elbow grease required when using our beefy Allen key. Fitting and removing your Bike rack to and from your vehicle is as simple as tightening/loosening the 3 hex nuts.

  • A support strap can be used to reduce the load on your tow-bar, which greatly increases the stability of your bike rack whilst carrying 4 heavy bikes. However, it may not be practical on some vehicles. Thankfully, the InFlight Drop Arm range is manufactured from high super strength 4140-grade Chromium-Molybdenum steel - 60% stronger than competitors racks made with Mild Carbon steel - to withstand a maximum weight of 80kg.


  • Fits Thule XPress, Thule Hang On, Thule Clip on and Thule Free Way

  • An around-the-bar adapter for fitting the Thule ProRide bike carrier on square bars or round aluminum load bars

  • The marine grade, UV & weather resistant shock-cord provides superior performance in all conditions. Each shock-cord has a cylindrical head-end and a capped tail-end which enables secure, versatile and dependable fastening into our patented MultiCleat™ mechanism.

    The MultiCleat™ system and durability allow the shock-cords to be left permanently and neatly attached to your rack, saving you from getting stuck without fasteners to transport your bikes home.  

  • Thule 591/561 Wheel Tray

    • For Thule ProRide 591 & OutRide 561 roof mounted cycle carriers
    • Replacement Wheel Holder
    • Part number 34368
    • Black Plastic Wheel Holder & 2 Buckles for Strap
    From $7.00
  • Replacement locking pin

  • An adapter for fitting the Thule ProRide bike carrier directly into the t-track (30x24 mm) of some BMW and Renault original load bars.

  • Thule 889-3 T track adapter 30x24

    An adapter for fitting the Thule FreeRide 532 or Thule OutRide 561 bike carriers directly into the t-track (30x24 mm) of some BMW and Renault original load bars.

  • A set of extra-long replacement wheel straps to enable transport of very large fat bikes.


    Fits Thule EasyFold XT and Thule VeloSpace bike racks


  • For locking the Thule HangOn 972/974/9708, Thule RideOn 9502/9503 or Thule EasyBase 949 bike carriers to the tow bar.


  • An adapter to enable safe transport of bikes with carbon frames

    The fixation pressure is distributed over a large surface area to minimize risk of frame damages.
    It fits all types of frame geometries and is easily adjustable with no loose parts.
    The adapter has a soft TPE rubber liner to avoid scratching the bike frame Only to be used with Thule bike carriers with a torque limiter knob (e.g. Thule ProRide 598, Thule EasyFold, Thule EuroClassic G6, and bike carriers with the Thule AcuTight Knob 528 accessory).

  • Give your truck bed a permanent bike mounting solution with this fork style mount. In fact, this mount, with single-sided adjustment skewer for easy loading, can be installed anywhere you can put a couple bolts. Go ahead, get creative.



    • A “bolt anywhere” fork style bike mount
    • Single-sided adjustment skewer with long throw for easy bike loading
    • Corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium construction



    WEIGHT: < 0.5 kg (1 lb)

    Bracket Length: 10.2 cm (4”)
    Bracket Height: 5.1 cm (2”)

    CAPACITY: 1 Bike




    Q: Does it carry all bikes?
    A: The BlockHead carries just about any bike with a quick release wheel skewer.  However, there are a few exceptions where one of our other mounts should be used instead. These exceptions include, but are not limited to, bikes with nutted front wheels, triple clamp forks, forks with dropout spacing (the distance between the forks at the tips) other than 100 mm, and some bikes with front disc brakes.

    Q: What is it made of?
    A: The main pedistal is heat-treated and anodized aluminum, the quick-release skewer is primarily stainless steel.